Night Guards

Night Guard Information from Dr. John Zargari, DDS in Ocoee, FL

Image of patient wearing a night guardAn Occlusal Guard (Night Guard) is a horseshoe shaped piece of plastic which is worn over the teeth to protect them against damage caused by teeth clenching and grinding. It works by creating a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth so that you bite against the plastic rather than wearing down your teeth. Most people are unaware that they grind (also called bruxism) or clench their teeth as it usually happens when they are sleeping. It is often a person's partner, or dentist, who first notices that they are grinding their teeth. People tend to go through phases of grinding their teeth, such as during times of stress. It is during these times that you may need to wear a night guard to prevent doing permanent damage to your teeth. 

Taking care of your Occlusal Guard

When wearing your Occlusal Guard do not eat or drink anything other than water as this may discolor it. After removing your Occlusal Guard in the morning, brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste and rinse with cold water. Also, never rinse your Occlusal Guard with hot water as this can distort the shape and cause it to no longer fit. When not in use, place in your night guard container and let it air dry. 

Image of a night guardCustom Made Occlusal Guard Price

The Occlusal Guard cost will of course vary greatly from dentist to dentist. It can be an extremely worthwhile investment in the long run. It may prevent you from needing more expensive dental work in the future, such as broken fillings, cracked teeth (crowns), and periodontal problems (bone loss). This is why we recommend that our patients invest in a guard to protect their teeth. 

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